Basic Cigarette Coupons

Basic Cigarette CouponsBasic Cigarettes are a brand of lower cost cigarettes that are made by Phillip Morris.  They are the forth most popular brand of cigarettes in the US.   Finding Basic Cigarette Coupons can save you tons of money in the long run.  It is advisable to find Basic Cigarette Coupons online if you want to save money.  Basic Cigarettes come in these flavors: Full Flavor (red), Full Flavor 100’s, Lights (gold), Lights 100’s, Ultra Lights (blue), Ultra Lights 100’s, Full Flavor Menthol (forest green), Full Flavor Menthol 100’s, Light Menthol (green), Light Menthol 100’s, Ultra Light Menthol (sea green), Ultra Light Menthol 100’s, and Non-filtered (brown).

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